Brambles, Goats, Rainbow Hill Meanders

Rainbow Hill


Rainbows shine through almost every window on Rainbow Hill.
It is always a delight to move from room to room and see slivers of the rainbow arcing across a room.

On Rainbow Hill, when it is not meandering around the world, you will find cats basking in pools of rainbow sunshine.

Loki and Kuri

Loki and Kuri


Today’s focus on Rainbow Hill is because like most magical places, it has a few downsides. For The Hill it is brambles. One brave driveway cuts through the fairytale, head-high brambles like a magic sword, but the brambles have been on a winning streak.


I’m pleased to announce that the tide of the battle has turned. The ferociously aggressive brambles are now losing.
Our valiant warriors come from Planet Goats. Eco-Friendly Brush Clearing Specialists.
150804-SX50-9902Joe, Lead Goat Assistant, brings in the herd of twenty darling goats.

150804-SX50-9882These goats, without flinching and with more effect than a magic sword, are making short work of the monstrous shield that surrounds the hill.

These friendly little warriors all have names and vastly different personalities, but all are dedicated to the job at hand. Joe will tell you the story of each goat, many of which are rescue goats who have found their dream job.


In a few weeks a much more civilized hill will once again be meandering around the world. While we wait, just a few more goat pictures. & thank you Planet Goats.



Bye Bye Brambles150804-SX50-9912


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