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Like Wow!

Starburst on the FourthIt’s true, I am a writer, a collector words, a vocabulary aficionado, and I just titled this blog post “Like Wow!” complete with exclamation point.

Before there is a mass outcry, let me say in my defense that I believe that one should always choose the most accurate phrasing one can come by and in this case “Like Wow!” is it.

As I said in my last post, I’ve started 2016 with a blogging 101 class. Our last assignment was to write directly to our dream audience (You know who you are) and also to try something new. I think the title counts for something new.

I chose “Like Wow!” because it is the best and most accurate description of my fellow bloggers and the amazing writing I’m discovering. They are an incredibly diverse group of people who taking leaps of courage, of commitment, and of challenge as they put themselves out there for the entire world to see.

I have been amazed by incredible polish, amazing pictures and wit that turns on a dime. I’ve been awed by honesty and vulnerability. There are times when I want to give encouraging hugs and pats on the back. Times when I wish they could hear me laugh and even more times when I want to tell them not to worry so much. I can see them writing with their souls as a canvass and I wish I could tell them how well they’re doing and that the words they want will follow.140608 -  - medium-17

Now having said all of that it’s time for cat pictures and an explanation of how this post nearly became titled: The Cats Ate My Homework

Hiyu at a distanceHiyu is a Marbled Bengal.

He loves the crinkling sounds as he bites into paper and plastic. He’d never eat anything outside of tuna or his food, but he is an outstanding thief.

loki 1 30 14

Loki, AKA Lazy Loki, doesn’t know the difference between paper and food. If the other cats are in on it, then he wants a piece of the action. After they’ve caught it.


Kuri plays XboxKuri likes to take responsibility for all of the mischief, even if Loki or Hiyu thought of it first. Hiyu and Loki have their share of stories, but Kuri is the King of Tales.

~ lisa


11 thoughts on “Like Wow!

  1. Like WOW! Awesome post, Lisa…you hit the nail on the head when you said there are incredible people in this blogging101 class…I am amazed at how open and candid people are in their posts. And I really enjoyed yours. 😉

  2. Yes, the bloggers taking part in “Blogging 101” have written some amazing stories and “Like Wow!” certainly fits the story.
    Love your cats, sure you would have some great stories to tell about them, another “Wow”.

  3. Can’t get enough of your cats. I don’t have him anymore, but my old cat Bowser loved chewing on paper… And the pen that was writing on it.

    I’m loving the Blogging 101 class. So many people blogging about so many different topics, all coming together to learn and improve!

  4. Hi Lisa, I got my first ever kitten, Polly in October and she’s really enhanced my life. I feel as I’ve ventured into this new world where cats and humans are intrinsically connected – and I absolutely love it. It’s making me gentler and more mindful somehow. Your cats are beautiful. Looking forward to reading your posts 🙂

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