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Cat Convos Friday

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It’s a fact. People visit us to see the cats. We’re secondary. People read this blog to listen to the cats. All of the other great content is secondary.

For those of you new to Cat Convos Friday, I talk to cats and they talk back to me. I have translated the cat part for those not fluent in meow.

Loki: Mrrr…grrrr, mmm…why?

Me: Did you get up on the wrong side of the cat tree again?

Loki: Is it afternoon already? I want to sleep! I don’t want to get up!

Me: You’re the one who woke yourself up.

Bengal and monkeyIt’s somebody’s fault I’m awake. I know it is.

I pick up the little cat laser toy. & shine the little red dot in the middle of the floor.

Me: How about a game?

Loki pounces. The red dot moves. Loki runs after it. Hiyu comes to investigate.

Loki: It’s mine. I got it. Wait, where’d it go?

Attentive BengalKuri stumbles into the room with a yawn. He crouches down as he sees the red dot moving across the floor. Hiyu stalks behind the coffee table. I can see him laughing as his brothers bowl each other over.

Hiyu gives an arched-back yawn and pads silently over to my ankles. Loki and Kuri continue to knock each other over as they chase the red dot.

Hiyu: You know I’m too smart for that.

Hiyu at a distance

Me: I’ll give you a feather to chase in a moment.

Hiyu: They never learn.

Me: I’m wearing them out so you’ll have more chances to catch the feather stick.

A slow smile crosses Hiyu’s face: Clever, very clever. Make them run up and down the cat trees.

A few minutes later, Loki plops down with his sides heaving. Kuri continues running in circles, but I see he’s tiring.

Hiyu stalks over and picks up the feathered end of the feathered stick. He jousts it at me in a run.

Me: Are you going to joust or chase?

Hiyu drops the stick at my feet. He doesn’t need words.

A new game begins.


Hiyu’s first chase: Hiyu at play


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