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Cat Convos Friday

140412 -  - medium-14Weekends are always an interesting time at the Rainbow Hill. The dialogue has been translated for those not fluent in meow.

Kuri: Good morning! Good morning! GOOD MORNING!

Hiyu: This way to the kitchen!

Kuri: We know you’re awake. We heard your phone chime.

Me: It was a text message.


Hiyu: Whatever. Doesn’t matter to us what it was.

Loki: Come on, already.

Me: Look guys, it’s the weekend.

Kuri jumps on the bed and stalks over to sit on my chest. He’s a big cat. Kuri stares down at me and brings his nose down to touch mine.

Kuri: Time to get up now!

Loki: Yeah, we heard the phone. You can’t sleep until you feed us.

Hiyu jumps to the top of the tall dresser and stares down at the bed. Kuri bumps his forehead into mine. Kuri: Get up already.

Me: Weekend, guys. We don’t get up at five on weekends.

Kuri: Already a weekend? I like weekends. That means we get catnip today.

Me: Only if you let me sleep.

Loki stomps over Arna, our ancient, ailing dachshund.


Loki: Look, even the dog is awake. Time to get up.

Hiyu runs down the hall: This way. This way. Now. Now.

Arna gives me a sigh which means: Give them what they want, so I can go back to sleep. Please?

Loki gives me an evil grin, Kuri again butts his forehead into mine and Hiyu calls from the kitchen. I look at Arna and give in.

Me: Okay, I’ll get you guys breakfast, but then I go back to bed.EOS 30D_IMG_7001-small

Kuri and Loki follow me out to the kitchen. Hiyu purrs from his perch on a stool. Kuri exchanges looks with Loki and cocks his head at me.

Kuri: You do know we always win. Right?

I stifle a yawn and nod. I don’t tell them that the dog had the deciding vote. They don’t need to know her sigh holds more sway than all their screaming put together.


140412 -  - medium-13


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