Bengal Cats, Cat Convos, Rainbow Hill Meanders

Cat Convo Friday

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Loki: What do you mean you’re both sick?


Me: Yes, that’s true.

Kuri: It’s still not okay to be late with breakfast.

Me: You’re getting fed now.

Loki: About time. Oh, and thank you.

Hiyu: We can take care of ourselves.EOS 30D_IMG_7001-small

Loki: No, we can’t. We need to be fed.

Hiyu: Just pour all that food on the floor and you can take however long you want to get better.

Loki: Oh, I get it. Pour out all the treats too.

Kuri: And all the catnip you keep up in the cupboards.

Me: Sorry, but that’s not going to happen.

Hiyu: What about play time?

Me: I’ll release the battery-powered toys.

Loki: What’s a battery?

Me: It’s what makes the caterpillar run around and hide under the furniture.


Me: Sorry guys, but that’s it for the day. I’m going back to bed.

Walking the dog

Kuri: I’ll walk the dog for you.

Me: No. You’re still not allowed outside.

Loki: Why does the dog get a baby picture and we don’t?

Me: Because it’s cute and it fits.

Loki: We were cute kittens.

Loki and KuriHiyu and feather

Me: Happy now?

Kuri: I’ll sleep on whoever has the highest temperature.

Hiyu: I’ll keep watch on top of the dresser.

Loki: I can keep knees warm.

Kuri: I’ll wake you up when the dog wants out.

Loki: I’ll start with your ankles.

Hiyu: Don’t worry. We got this.

And so they do.


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