Bengal Cats, Cat Convos, Rainbow Hill Meanders

Cat Convo Friday

140529 -  - medium-15Hiyu: I hear flowers!!

Me: You hear the plastic the flowers come in.

Hiyu: Same thing.. Let me have them. I want them now!

Kuri: You let him have flowers. Why don’t you let me have elastic hairbands?151208-6D-8556

Hiyu: Because I’m not stupid enough to eat the plastic.

Kuri: I’m smart.

Me: You do eat elastic hairbands.

Flowers for HiyuHiyu: I never eat anything that’s not food.

Kuri: It’s not fair.

Me: Hiyu has a point.

Hiyu: Listen to this sound. I love this sound.

Kuri: One of these days I’ll find out where you hid the hairbands.

And another biteHiyu: Look at that! My dental impressions still look perfect.

Me: How about catnip?

Hiyu: I’ll pass. Would you take those flowers out of my plastic?

And Kuri is quite reluctantly distracted with catnip. Loki joins him and soon the twins are playing while Hiyu makes his favorite noise.




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