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150620-SX50-8795Hawaiian mythology doesn’t have its fair share of cryptoids.

I think that’s mostly true because everything is or can be mystical. In Hawaiian mythology, there’s just not that much outside the normal.

I collect sasquatch/bigfoot/ wild man legends. Every state in the USA has its own such legend – except for Hawaii.


Oh, well, at least Hawaii has the Mehenune . Menehune are small, even dwarf-like people who hide in the forests and jungles from humans. They are astonishing craftsmen who can build great feats of engineering in a single night.

The best description of the menehune I’ve found is at the fatemag site.

“the menehune are… two to three feet tall, stout and muscular with hairy, dark or dark-red skin, large eyes and long eyebrows, a protruding brow, very long hair on their heads, a short thick nose, sharp ears, a small mouth, broad shoulders, and a round stomach. Living in forest caves and emerging mainly at night, they speak via a series of deep growls or whispers…”

Here’s hoping I will one day meet a few.



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