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Monday Myth: Shifting Definitions

Red Dragon

I am passionate about mythology, all of it, from the lightest to the darkest tales. This new Monday feature will be delving into even the dustiest corners of myth from around the world.

You can also, periodically, join me in my favorite mythological party games.

Quick! Choose a pantheon, any pantheon, and name the top ten deities.

Or pick a universal archetype and name as many of them from the entire world. For example: The deity of death and/or the underworld.

Shifting Definitions.

Mythology, Fairy Tale, Tall Tale, Fable, Cryptozoology: the lines around the definitions of these subjects are murky, sometimes invisible, and often overlap.

Mythology: a body of stories associated with a culture, institution or person. In the ages past, it meant classical Greek and Roman mythologies. Thankfully all societies and cultures are now included.

Fairy Tale: Once, literally, a fanciful story about fairies. Now it includes stories of fairies, other fantastical beings, and magic.

Tall Tale: Improbable or fanciful story. Usually a little newer than the older fairy tales.

Fable: A story about mythical or supernatural beings or events, often with a moral lesson.

Cryptozoology: A study of magical creatures from griffins and dragons to Yetis and gnomes.Big foot and a rose

Cryptozoology is my favorite and I’ll be sharing my own modern day bestiary.

You’re invited to follow me into a journey of the psyche and the richness of culture throughout the world.

I’d love to have you along on my journey and if there is any creature or myth you’re curious about, send me a comment or email and I’ll get to the bottom of the story.


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