Lisa Kraft
Close to Seattle

Bio: Aspiring Fantasy Novelist, Bengal Herder, Covert Gamer, Chaser of Rainbows. My philosophy is Carpe: vita, aevum, vita, spiritus, anima, anima...+ diem + fun + joy +... Rainbow Hill Meanders is my primary blog. In RHM you'll find Monday Mythology & Cryptozoology, Wednesday Writing and all the odds and ends that make my days. I explore, ask questions and, did I say, Writer's A.D.D.? On Fridays check out Cat Convos which is written mostly by the Bengals: Kuri, Loki and Hiyu. Other blogs I contribute to include: Rainbow Hill Crafts, a nascent blog for a dreamed of Etsy Business. Photocatography: A blog undergoing resuscitation and a few AED shocks later will resume to discussions of photography techniques. It is also haunted by random pictures of Bengals. Coming soon Paul Hall's photography blog. Some of my other roles and interests: Seattle Mountaineers: Naturalist & Photography Hike Leader, King County Public Health Reserve Corp., Redmond CERT Logistics Officer & Seattle/King County Clinic: Medical Supply & Inventory Lead.

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