Lisa Kraft
Close to Seattle

Bio: I am, first and foremost, a middle grade fantasy writer. At this site, I'm always exploring, always asking questions and sometimes even sharing the answers. Did I say Writer's A.D.D.? I'm also, despite it being so stereotypical for a writer, a person who has shamelessly embraced their inner "crazy cat lady" who now herds Bengals for fun. Check out the blog to meet Kuri, Loki and Hiyu. My philosophy is Carpe: vita, aevum, vita, spiritus, anima, anima...+ diem + fun + joy +... I'm on a life-long mission to learn everything I can from an eclectic list of interests such as mythology & cryptozoology. You can count on me to share the most bizarre, the most inspiring and the downright interesting. Further details: I'm a Photographer, Covert Gamer, A volunteer with the Public Health Reserve Corp(PHRC), a member of the Seattle Mountaineers, an Explorer, a Collector of Words & a Bibliophile. My current undertaking is working towards a certification as a Naturalist.

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