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Cat Convo Friday

Apple BlossomLoki: There’s a wolf at the door.

Kuri: I saw it too.

Loki: We live in a brick house, right? A wolf can’t blow it down.

Me: A wolf can’t blow our house down, but there’s no need to worry, we don’t have wolves around here.

Hiyu: Look out the window.

Me: That, my dear cats, is a coyote.140530 -  - medium

Kuri: What’s he doing by our house?

Me: Looks like he’s sunbathing.


Loki: Can a coyote blow our house down?

Me: No, not even a full-grown one.

Loki: Please make it go away.

Me: After I take a few pictures. He’ll disappear soon enough.140530 -  - medium-6

Kuri: Are coyotes as dangerous as wolves?

Me: To you, yes, but rest assured, there are no recorded instances of a coyote blowing down a house, not even one made of straw.

Loki: Can we read a different fairytale tonight?

Me: I think you three will enjoy the story of Puss-in-Boots


140412 -  - medium-14

Bengal Cats, Cat Convos, Rainbow Hill Meanders

Cat Convo Friday

Kuir and Loki over the dragonHiyu: Do you hear what we hear?

Me: I hear Arna snoring.

Loki: Not the dog.

Kuri: Listen!

Me: Are you talking about the bird song?

Hiyu: Of course, we are.

Loki: We want to go out and play.

Me: Sorry, you have to stay on this side of the glass.

Hiyu: See that little bird? I bet I can catch him.Hovering Hummingbird

Me: That’s a hummingbird.

Kuri: What about that bird over there. He’s big enough to play with us.

150620 -  - medium-3

Me: That’s a bald eagle. He’s big enough to eat you.

Kuri: How about one of those red-tailed hawks.

Me: Same thing.

Peacock StrutLoki: How about that big bird over there.

Me: I’m sure the neighborhood peacocks don’t want to play with you either. Hi there

Loki: How about a robin or a sparrow? Can they come in and play?

Me: Why don’t we just enjoy their songs while we play with your toys.

Hiyu: You better make it challenging cause I’m in the mood to hunt.

Kuri: Me too.

Loki: I just want to make more friends.


loki 1 30 14

Bengal Cats, Cat Convos, Rainbow Hill Meanders

Cat Convo Friday

151208-6D-8556Kuri: Hmm…you’re home.

Hiyu: Is it really you? You’ve been gone so long.

Loki: Yes, so long.

Me: I’m back. How have my kitties been?

Kuri: What do you care? You left us.

Loki: I’m not even going to look at you. Do you see how made I am?

Hiyu: You don’t really expect us to make fools of ourselves like the dog?

Me: You do know the dog has a name?

Hiyu: Who cares. You left us. We’re mad.

Loki: Yeah, we’re on a cat strike.

Me: As you wish. I’m going to take a bath and then collapse for some well-earned sleep.

Kuri: Bath?

I fill the tub with steaming water and foaming bubbles. The bathroom door shudders. I can hear Kuri bashing away at the door down.

Hiyu: Try the handle.

Kuri: It’s locked.

Loki: Hurry up and get through. We can’t let her disappear again.

I leave the bath and head towards the bed. It’s always nice to return to one’s own pillow. The dog joins me. Kuri joins me. Loki joins me. Hiyu cuddles up against my ankles.

It’s good to be home.


A pari of bengals

Cryptozoology, Mythology, Rainbow Hill Meanders


150620-SX50-8795Hawaiian mythology doesn’t have its fair share of cryptoids.

I think that’s mostly true because everything is or can be mystical. In Hawaiian mythology, there’s just not that much outside the normal.

I collect sasquatch/bigfoot/ wild man legends. Every state in the USA has its own such legend – except for Hawaii.


Oh, well, at least Hawaii has the Mehenune . Menehune are small, even dwarf-like people who hide in the forests and jungles from humans. They are astonishing craftsmen who can build great feats of engineering in a single night.

The best description of the menehune I’ve found is at the fatemag site.

“the menehune are… two to three feet tall, stout and muscular with hairy, dark or dark-red skin, large eyes and long eyebrows, a protruding brow, very long hair on their heads, a short thick nose, sharp ears, a small mouth, broad shoulders, and a round stomach. Living in forest caves and emerging mainly at night, they speak via a series of deep growls or whispers…”

Here’s hoping I will one day meet a few.


Bengal Cats, Cat Convos, Rainbow Hill Meanders

Cat Convo Friday

Loki: The dog is being mean.

140412 -  - medium-14Me: Arna is never mean.

Kuri: Yes, she is. She said you had a suitcase out.

Hiyu jumps to the top of the dresser.

Loki: She can’t trick us. We know it’s April Fools.

Me: So you looked at the calendar?

Kuri: It took a while to get the calendar to the floor, but it is definitely April Fools.

Hiyu: Um…guys…look.

Loki: That’s a suitcase!

Kuri: You’re meaner than the dog to pull that… that suitcase out.

Me: I’ll just be gone a little while.

Loki: Look! I can fit. I can go too.Bengal in a box

Kuri: Look! I fit too!

Me: Don’t worry, guys. Alicia is going to look after you. She spoils you more than I do.

Hiyu: I’ll never forgive you.

Kuri: I bet I can claw this suitcase to smithereens.

Me: Not going to happen and you guys are going to be fine.

Loki: You’re sure it’s not April Fools?

Me: It’s not a trick.

Hiyu: Hey, you guys, let’s go catch those giant spiders in the kitchen.

Me: April Fools?


Hiyu: You’ll see.



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Hawaiian Mythology: The Top Four


Pele, the volcano & fire goddess of Hawaii, is well-known around the world. Her bold and fiery nature appeals to the imagination.

However, in the Hawaiian pantheon, Pele is not in the top four.

Arguably the top of the pantheon is headed by Kane who is viewed in at least forty different aspects. Chief among his attributions are as the deity in charge of wild foods, jungles and forests, wood, medicine and leaves. We will look more closely at Kane in an upcoming post.

Also in the top four are:

Lono: god of agriculture and peace.

Ku: the god of war

Kanaloloa: god of oceans and mana

The indigenous Hawaiian belief system is both polythesistic and animistic. Deities and spirits can be found anywhere such as trees, animals, rainbows, islands and more. There is no limit to their ability to manifest. rainbow

As I said in a previous post there are hundreds of gods and goddesses in the Hawaiian pantheon. I will not be sharing all of them in a comprehensive study. If, however, there is one that you are particularly interested let me know and I’ll include them.

Along with the pantheon and Hawaiian cryptozoology, I will be sharing parts of historic Hawaiian life.  As is the case in all cultures around the world, everything is interwoven.

Hope you enjoy the ride. ~ lisa







Bengal Cats, Cat Convos, Rainbow Hill Meanders

Cat Convo Friday

140412 - - medium-14

Kuri: What is that?

Me: A garment bag.

Hiyu: It sounds like plastic.

Me: It’s not for you.

Hiyu: But I want to try it.

Kuri: What’s in it?

Me: Kimonos, a sari, a parasol and a few other odds and ends.

Loki: Are there mice?

Me: No mice.

Hiyu: It looks nice and thick. Can I try it.

Me: No, you may not. Not a single dental impression allowed.

Hiyu: Why?

Me: These things are in the bag to keep them clean and dust free. That means no puncture holes.

Kuri: Why don’t we ever see this bag?And another bite

Me: Because I don’t usually wear kimonos.

Loki: Can I get in the bag and look for mice?

Me: No.

Kuri: I’ll get in and check for you.

Hiyu: Just one bite.

I brush Hiyu away and extract the twins from the bag. I shoo them towards the door. Hiyu laughs at me and I can see the twins plotting. Hiyu leaps past me towards the bag and as I ward him off, Kuri and Loki jump back into the bag.

Once again, I pull the kitties out and then shut the door.Another Door at Griffith Observatory

Loki: I’m sure I saw a mouse.

Hiyu: Open the door! Just one bite. Please!

I hear Kuri trying to get a grip on the doorknob. I quickly pull out the convention costumes and get the bag away in the closet where it belongs.

The cats are wailing outside the door: Mice! Mice! Mice!

121002-scan133-smallArna grins and gives half a wag of her tail. Let them yell for a while. You spoil them too much.

Me: And I don’t spoil you?

Arna gives me a grin: All the time and thank you.

Mischief averted. ~lisa

Kuri (on other side of door): Let’s go take our drinking fountain apart.

140412 -  - medium-13