Rainbow Hill Meanders

Blogging 101

Welcome 2016!

As Rainbow Hill Meanders is almost two years old, I’ve decided to finally learn blogging. Thank you WordPress Blogging 101! Today’s assignment is revisiting the who and why of the blog.

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Rainbow Hills Meanders is thus named because (surprise, surprise) the house is on a hill, has many skylights and some inlaid multi-colored glass. When the sun shines, and even in the Pacific Northwest this occasionally happens, rainbows appear everywhere. The cats love this. I also think the hill often wanders through the space-time continuum. When that happens, who knows what will pop up here.140412 -  - medium-13

I’m an aspiring writer of fantasy and I’m currently enjoying weaving a middle-grade novel. My subtitle of “Writer’s A.D.D.” is truth in advertising as I’m all over the place with random research, joyful discoveries, and whatever flashes into my attention span.

I will segue into what really is a related subject: a group of cats is called a clowder or glaring of cats. I have my own glaring of three very mischievous Bengal cats and somehow their pictures keep infiltrating this blog. Sometimes Arna, our ancient dachshund also makes an appearance.

Seaside, OR

Besides being a bibliophile… I love PICTURES.

Every picture I use in my blogs is one taken either by me or by my very talented husband, Paul Hall. Paul’s Flickr Page

Red Dragon

As a fantasy writer, I wade waist-deep in mythology, linguistics, history and random facts.

Besides long walks on the beach, I travel and explore and take as many diverse classes as I can. I’m looking forward to 2016 being a truly great year.



TLC, Bengal style