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Cat Convos Friday

140412 -  - medium-14The Bengals have been at it again. Translation provided for those who don’t speak meow.

Hiyu: This way! This way! It’s about time you got off that computer. Kitchen is this way. Follow me.

Me: Where are your brothers?

Hiyu: Who cares. The kitchen is this way. I get a snack, right? Kitchen, snack?

Me: Yes, it’s snack time, but we have to find everyone.

Hiyu: They’re in my place. They don’t deserve snacks.Hiyu at a distance

I look around the kitchen. I spot the twins looking down at me from the top of the kitchen cupboards. They look smug. It took them a while to master Hiyu’s technique, but now they’re pretty good at it.

Me: Hey, guys.

Hiyu: Ignore them. Since you made my place cat-friendly it’s not really a challenge anymore. Even those two can get up there.

Me: They were already getting up there. I just made it safer for everyone.

Hiyu: We’re in the kitchen. I want my snack.

I pull the box out of the cupboard. The twins are uncharacteristically quiet, but they watch my every move. Hiyu jumps up on the stool. Anticipation is in the air.

Me: Snacks!

The twins leap as one in perfect synchronicity. Their front paws bounce off the top edge of the refrigerator as if they were in a tightly choreographed ballet, then they lightly bounce of the counter and onto the floor.

Attentive BengalKuri: Yeah, I want snacks.

Loki: I want them more.

Hiyu: I got them first. Did you see what they did?

Me: Yes, I saw. Normally they aren’t that graceful.

Hiyu: Look at the refrigerator.

Kuri: Hmm. Did I do that? Look! This is interesting.Kitchen Refrigerator

Loki: More snacks please?

Kuri: What’s this new space to explore?

Me: I don’t believe it. No, you can’t go back there.

Somehow the Bengal twins managed to move the refrigerator out by six inches. Kuri pouts as I push it back. Loki keeps looking for more snacks.

Hiyu sports a mischievous grin and flicks his tail for emphasis.

I dare you to do it again.


A pari of bengals

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Cat Convo Friday

140412 -  - medium-13Today I inaugurate “Cat Convo Fridays“.

The truth is I talk to cats and they talk back to me. I thought Fridays would be a good day to share the transcripts of those talks. I have translated the cat part for those not fluent in meow.

Loki: Hey, hey, hey.

Me: I hear you, where…oh, there you are.

Loki: Hey, hey, hey.

Me: I heard you the first time. What are you doing in the bookcase?20110905-60d-0209-small

Loki: You need to catch up on your reading. Right now!

Me: Why right now?

Loki: Cause…uh…you remember that poem you read me?

Me: I’ve read you a lot of poems.

Loki: The one by Francesco Marciuliano. You know, the “Forever” one

Me: Ah, yes. “Forever is a very, very long time.” What does that have to do with the bookcase?

Loki gives me what I think is an evil grin and knocks a few books from the shelf.

Loki: I’m very clever and I want a lap, right now…forever

How can I say no to that face? I search the selection Loki has knocked to the floor and pick up the book with the greatest number of pages.

Me: Happy now?

Loki: PURR

And that is all for today because Kuri now wants to edit this morning’s post. See “While You’re Typing” by Francesco Marciuliano

Me: What is it this morning, Kuri? Punctuation or grammar?

Kuri gives me the look. It’s the look that says: Really, Lisa? Do I really have to spell it out for you?

Me: Uh, right. Spellcheck.


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