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Cat Convos: CERT Inspection 1

Crash! Bang! Thud!

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Me: What’s going on in there?

Hiyu: We’re doing an inspection and you aren’t passing.

How do you describe that face?

150208-70D-4660Loki: Relax, you’re mostly passing.

Kuri: Where do you keep the crockpot and all the big kitchen appliances?It's all looking up from here


Me: What?

Hiyu: We’re doing a CERT Preparedness Inspection.

Loki: Remember, we formed our own type of CERT. We are now a Cat Emergency Response Team.

Hiyu: And you can’t help others until you take care of yourself.170304-6D-3177

Loki: Yeah, the mantra is “you’re number one”, then “what about you?” If you can’t take care of yourself, you can’t take care of others.

Kuri: Found them. All heavy appliances on the bottom shelf where they can’t fall on your head. Good for you.

Me: You guys still aren’t allowed in the cupboards.

Kuri: Fine, I’ll get on them. Is that better?


Me: What makes you guys think it’s okay to destroy the kitchen?

Hiyu: Official business. We’re pretending to be an earthquake.151228-6D-8727

Loki: I like practicing opening things anyway.

Kuri: Who knew we would be so good at mayhem and mischief?

160207-6D-9419Hiyu: I did.

Me: You knock those dishes to the floor and there will be no laser tag for a week.

Kuri: We’re done with the kitchen anyway. Loki and I are going to throw our weight around and see how much furniture we can knock down.

Me: You’re getting a time out.

20110905-60d-0209-smallLoki: Does that mean you don’t have all the furniture attached to the walls? What about these bookshelves?


Me: We’re not getting rid of the books.

Loki: You aren’t going to stop us from making sure you’re earthquake ready.

Hiyu: I HAVE A BRILLIANT IDEA! You can rent us out as CERT Earthquake Inspectors. If we can destroy a house, then you’re in trouble if a big earthquake comes.

Me; (carrying three large, squirming cats in my arms): Enjoy the playroom.

Kuir and Loki over the dragon

Hiyu: Wait! At least run our previous post about how we created the Cat Emergency Response Team. Our readers will want to know.

Loki: Yeah, someone might have missed it.

Me: Fine. I’ll put the original post at the bottom of this one. Happy?

Kuri: May we come out now?IMG_1784

Me: Not yet. Run off some of that energy and then you can sit on my legs while I get some computer work done. Right now, I’m wishing all of our readers an easier time in their preparedness preparations.


As promised, the original post:

Cat Convos: CERT


Hiyu: You’re a CERT.

Me: Yes, and…

Kuri: We’ve decided we want to be CERT.

Me: You want to be a part of a Citizen Emergency Response Team?A pari of bengals

Loki: Something like that.

Me: You guys aren’t exactly citizens and you don’t have opposable thumbs or…

Hiyu: We know all that.

Kuri: Yeah, we want to form our own CERT.

Loki: It’s brilliant and we can help other cats.

Kuri: Even dogs. We could help dogs.

Me: Let me explain a little bit about CERT.

Loki: We’re going to make our own CERT.

Hiyu: Yes, we’ve figured it all out.

Kuri: We’re going to be a Cat Emergency Response Team.

Me: Cat Emergency Response?

It's all looking up from hereKuri: I’m going to educate the public about having emergency rations & toys for all of their companions.

Loki: And I’m going to help with post-disaster mental health. I’m good at purring.

Hiyu: You can make little first aid packs for us.

Me: I’m not sure.

Kuri: We can help with search and rescue.

Hiyu: I can get to high places and I’m small enough to get into little places.

Me: That’s quite a dream you guys have there.

Hiyu: If it’s important to you then it’s important to us.

Kuri: You know how much we like to help.Bengal Security I even have an outfit for it. I can do security detail.

Me: You know I’ve got you guys covered. Your Emergency Go Crate is well stocked with food, water and toys. Your pictures, descriptions and up-to-date vaccination records are also there.

Loki: Why do we need more than toys and food.

Me: In case we have to evacuate. Human shelters only allow service animals and if I need to get you boarding then they need all of your records.

Kuri: I’m not going to be boarded. I’m going to be in the thick of it.

Hiyu: That’s why we’re forming our own Cat Emergency Team. We want to be part of the solution.

Me: My hope is that if there is a problem, you guys will take care of the house and the rest of the family while I’m out helping with recovery.

Hiyu: What if we agree to help birds?

Kuri: Or dogs or reptiles or–

Loki: Fish. I like to watch fish.

Me: I appreciate that you guys want to help.

Hiyu: So it’s settled. We’re your own Cat Emergency Response Team.

Me: I love you guys.

Loki: PurrIMG_1410

Hiyu: I can purr louder.

Kuri: Not as loud as I can.

Loki, Kuri and Hiyu: Purr, purr, PURR.

Me: May all you readers out there be safe and have a plan.