Happy Cinco de Mayo

Starburst on the FourthHappy Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo (the fifth of May) is a Mexican holiday celebrating the Battle of Puebla in which Mexico won a major victory against the overwhelming odds of a French invasion on, you guessed it, May 5. The year of the battle: 1862.

Since that time, especially in the United States, the holiday has become a time to celebrate Mexican culture and all it has to offer.

Cinco de Mayo is more of a holiday in the United States than in Mexico, though it is still celebrated with a great deal of enthusiasm in Puebla and some northern parts of Mexico.Fourth of July over Cottage Lake

Celebrate by indulging in Mexican foods, holding a party, bashing a piñata, decorating in a Mexican motif and with luck enjoy a great immersion into all the fine culture Mexico has to offer.

Or if you want to go to Chandler, Arizona you can celebrate by watching Chihuahua races and the crowning of the Chihuahua (dogs only) King and Queen. http://chandleraz.gov/default.aspx?pageID=161

For all of us procrastinators here are some great party ideas, treats and decorations to make and an overall way to make the day fun for all ages.


For those of you interested in Mexican History and the Battle of Puebla, here are some fine sites.


Now that I’ve seen all the cool things one can do to celebrate – next year is going to be a great party.


BTW it is Latino Books Month http://www.latinola.com/story.php?story=6368