Bengal Cats, Cat Convos, Rainbow Hill Meanders

Cat Convo Friday

140412 -  - medium-14Sometimes the completely-erudite Bengals dive right into Chaucer or Voltaire. Other times they prefer simpler classics. Hiyu uses Dr. Seuss’s “Green Eggs and Ham” as a jumping off point for his daily recital.

EOS 30D_IMG_7001-smallPet me! Pet me! I am here.

Pet me! Pet me! Over there!

Pet me, pet me, anywhere.

Pet me, pet me in the house.

Pet me, pet me with a mouse.Really, can I have one? Please?

Bengal in a boxPet me or even Loki in this box.

Would you pet me with a fox? I’m sure I can run circles around one.

Pet me, please. In the rain, on a train, with a goat, or in a boat. Exactly what are those things?

Pet me in a car.

Truth is, I hate cars.

Pet me near and far.

BookcasesPet me in a park.

Pet me in the dark. That’s what the middle of the night is for, isn’t it?

Pet me here. Pet me there.

Pet me, pet me, ANYWHERE!

I don’t care how, just pet me NOW!