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Cat Convo Friday


Hiyu: Where have you been?

Me: I had a class.

Loki: Why?

Me: I like to learn things.

Kuri: More than you like us?

Me: I love you guys, but sometimes I have to do other things.

Kuri: What’s more important than us?151208-6D-8556

Me: You can get by without me for a few hours.

Hiyu, Kuri & Loki in chorus: NO WE CAN’T!!!

Hiyu: You need to pet me now.

Loki: I want cuddles.

Kuri: Why would you leave us for a stupid class?

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Me: The class I took was very important. You know I volunteer with the Public Health Reserve Corp.

Hiyu: Why?

The more I know, the more I can help. Any class I can take helps prepare me for the unexpected.

Loki: How about the expected? Like loving your cats?

ArnaThe dog looks up at me with her soulful eyes. Arna doesn’t usually talk unless she determines we are under imminent attack. I sit down and gather the ancient dachshund in my lap.

Kuri and Loki climb on. Hiyu finds a perch over my shoulder where he can whisper in my ear. He doesn’t like “puppy” piles.

Me: Happy now?

Kuri looks up at me from where he’s standing on his brother’s head: You owe us some catnip.

Loki: Make the dog move. She’s hogging your lap.

Me: Her name is Arna. You can be nice enough to call her by her name.

Hiyu: Give us some tuna and all will be forgiven.

Kuri & Loki: Yes! Tuna!

Arna: I want tuna too. Please. I love you.

Now they have the dog onboard, and that makes it hard to say no. Oh, well.


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