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140723 - - medium-5Rainbow Hill Meanders is back!

I know some will say that it never went away, but today’s post is to proclaim that control of the blog has been wrested away from the cats.

There will still be Cat Convo Fridays, but the focus of the blog will now return to some of my other of my favorite things.

140927 - - mediumAs Rainbow Hill Meanders returns to its wandering through the space/time continuum, you will see a lot of world mythology, cryptobiology/cryptozoology, words, writing and odd Internet rabbit holes I’ve gone down and can’t wait to share.

Over the next few months, I will start Mythology Mondays by looking at Hawaiian mythology. I enjoy a challenge and with well over 40,000 deities in the Hawaiian pantheon, I will certainly have one. I will be sharing the highlights of research into this rich culture.

Snoqualmie FallsThe Hill plans on travel to many diverse mythologies and I will also be building an old world bestiary of my favorite mythological creatures.

As a writer, I will share my passion for words, my struggles with which grammar and punctuation guidelines to use, plus writing tips and sites.

Some cat pictures may well sneak in during the week, but the cats will only have control of the blog on Fridays.

I hope the journey is always fun and informative.


May you all have a happy Pi Day. As always thoughts, comments and questions are always welcome.

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Bengal Cats, Rainbow Hill Meanders

Bored Pandas & Ted

For those of you who don’t spend enough time online, I have a couple of suggestions. Warning! These are very addictive.

Bored Panda

Ted Talk Blog

One of my favorite talks & speakers. Follow Ed Young and get a science round-up post every Friday. Delightful as he brings you the best of the week’s science news.

140412 -  - medium-14A recent comment said the cats have a “pretty good vocabulary”. Indeed, they are most erudite. Considering how many times they are into the books, they are also very well-read. This Friday on Cat Convos, Hiyu will share his rendition of one of the classics.

See you then.